Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wild & Crazy Adventures with Egg Mama

Because I want it in writing so that I'll never forget moments like these . . . let me tell you about our adventures in the WILD this week! My parents have been out of town and while they were gone our responsibility has been to take care of their animals, specifically their roosters and hens.

Conner has taken this job very seriously and now refers to himself as "Egg Mama." He is precious.

Last Monday our night had been crazy and I needed out of the house with less than three kids! Conner and I took off to feed the animals and collect the farm fresh eggs. He was pure cuteness in Ninjago underwear and rubber boots. It was such a sweet time with just us holding hands and gathering eggs and feeding rabbits.

I was feeling domestic and declared I'd scramble those eggs for his breakfast on Tuesday before school. He looked at me aghast and screamed "NO!" Apparently, he was thinking we were collecting eggs to have baby chicks not breakfast.

The next morning he told me I could be Egg Mama while he was gone to school . . . I thought I'd done a good job and happily reported to him that his eggs were well when I picked him up. And then he asked me if I'd sat on them to keep them warm . . . I was obviously not living up to my Egg Mama duties.

I was anxiously awaiting our gathering time together on Tuesday. This time I took my phone so that I could capture all the preciousness.

We went in the coop to gather the eggs and check the feed and all the sudden this rooster starts attacking me!! The other roosters and hens are roosting for the night about 2 inches above my head and this one rooster is on the ground literally trying to eat us. I kicked it away and that was like a call to war! I started screaming and felt like an Alfred Hitchcock moment was mere seconds away, where every rooster was about to attack me! We ran for the door . . . and at the first glimpse I freedom I realized I'd left my phone in there with the rooster! I had to get a broom to go back in and this time two roosters were after me - it was insane!!

I have now developed an unnatural phobia of roosters and hens. I've been making Ryan do this chore all week.

Tonight we all went. Aaron and I stayed in the shop with the feed while the boys went in the coop. I started hearing noises and am looking all around when out of nowhere this chicken flies right past my head. I scream, Aaron cries. Apparently, my dad lost a chicken about a week ago and it has been living in the shop the whole time he was gone.  This begins a comical chase where the boys are trying to catch the poor chicken to put him back in the coop.

The lone chicken is finally caught and I'm surveying the garage for eggs - we found 10 eggs that chicken had laid - when something catches my eye . . .

It is possible that I had a mild (severe) heart attack before realizing it wasn't real (and in a garage full of chicken eggs you never know!).
The animals are finally all fed and put away and we drive home. We see two deer in the driveway and we stare at them for a minute and continue on our way when we see a possum run right into the garage!
The boys climb onto the roof of Ryan's truck and declare a movie night under the stars while we watch Ryan try to corral a possum with a fishing pole . . .
And I've tried three times to get the video to load for your pleasure, but believe me when I say it was extremely comical and a 30 minute endeavor!
We are obviously the opposite of refined and we LOVE it that way!

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